Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise  Boat access only and just a few cabins insure your Costa Rican nature experience is one that only a few people will share in this, the most natural, pristine and undeveloped part of Costa Rica.

1/2 mile of calm beachfront on the calm Golfo Dulce, 450 acres of pristine primary rainforest, 30 acres of tropical gardens and lots of adventure activities make this a unique destination without the crowds or lines.  The 30-40 minute boat transfer is one of the best parts of coming to Saladero. Craggy cliffs with huge primary rainforest trees and vegetation hanging out over the beach, leaping rays, coral reefs with tropical fish you can almost touch and native homes under coconut palms at secluded beaches.

All cabin rates include boat transfer from Pto Jimenez or Golfito to Saladero and return, use of kayaks, snorkeling and fishing equipment.  (3 day minimum stay).

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 Absolutely the very best holiday we have ever had !!

 Spend your days kayaking in the turquoise Golfo Dulce or the Rio Esquinas mangrove estuary, snorkeling at a local coral reef, birdwatching, fishing, walking the beach, hiking our nature trails or reading a book in a hammock.

 All guests receive a complimentary tour of the property with emphasis on the diversity and importance of the rainforests, natural history of the area, introduction to the tropical fruits and plants grown and types of animals and birds native to Piedras Blancas National Park and the Rio Esquinas.

Optional guided tours include:

·      Boat tours to the mangrove estuary of the Rio Esquinas

·      Kayak tours to the Rio Esquinas and Los Mogos

·      Canopy tour at the Osa

·      Casa Orquedia Botanical Gardens,

·      Snorkeling at Los Mogos coral reef

·      Inshore fishing

·      Offshore fishing with local Captains


Our Mission Statement

“Our goal is to provide to travelers seeking a unique location and experience, the opportunity to observe wildlife and natural wonders in a pristine and sustainable fashion while enjoying the comfortable and spacious accommodations.  
As responsible stewards we are obliged to take nothing from the ecosystem that surrounds us excepting photographs and memories. “

Harvey and Susan Woodard

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